Thomas Vox Repairs

Fix your vintage thomas Organ Vox amplifier

Thomas Organ built some fine looking and sounding amplifiers under the Vox name, but they didn't know a lot about how hard life is on the road with a working band. Their construction techniques were not very durable, and worse yet, they didn't know much about how to make amplifiers repairable for the long haul. It's almost a tragedy how many of these amp have been simply dumped into the trash because they were not reparable at any reasonable cost. It's so bad that simply finding an amplifier repairman that will work on one of these amps is very difficult.

The whole purpose of Thomas Vox Repairs is to prevent these amplifiers from being trashed by providing technical information and new-design repair parts for fixing them. This site offers completely new technical information on these amps, distilled from the scanty and sometimes inaccurate information in the original service literature that Thomas provided. In addition, Thomas Vox Repairs will offer PCBs that you can fill with parts and do a complete replacement of the PCBs inside your amp. These are modern designs and use modern parts in the original circuits.

Fix your Beatle, Guardsman, Buckingham, Viscount, Berkeley, Cambridge...