Thomas Vox Repairs

There are some new-manufacture PCBs available for repairing broken Thomas Vox amplifiers. They fit the same mounting arrangements as the original PCBs. All are modern high quality glass-epoxy boards, double sided with plated through holes, and all make the untidy internal wiring of the Thomas Organ Vox amplifiers a bit neater and simpler.

Thomas Organ's modular design approach means that only a few PCBs are needed to be able to repair many different amplifiers. 

Fix your Beatle, Guardsman, Buckingham, Viscount, Berkeley, Cambridge...

Repair PCBs

These PCBs are produced in small quantities, and may not always be in stock. If you need one, use the contact form to get in touch and find out about stock and shipping considerations, as well as getting some one-on-one advice about your particular repair needs.

V11n1               - repairs Beatles, Royal Guardsman, Buckingham and Viscount preamps before the last model year

V11n3               - repairs Beatle, Royal Guardsman, Buckingham and Viscount preamps ending in "...3*6" (the last model year) [this board is still undergoing field testing, and is not for the beginner or faint of heart]

Power Amp       - repairs Beatle, Royal Guardsman, Buckingham, and Viscount power amplifiers of all years

Power Supply   - Fits modern snap-in filter capacitors and rectifier bridge parts to the chassis of all of the above amps. Note that this requires significant mechanical work on the original chassis. 

Suitcase Amps - one multi-application PCB repairs any solid state models of Cambridge Reverb, Berkeley II, Pacemaker, and Pathfinder; includes power supply on the same PCB.

Berkeley II        - repairs the Berkeley III, which has a unique PCB in the Thomas Vox amplifier models; includes power supply on the same PCB.

UL700 Series Preamp - In a departure from the Thomas Organ Vox amplifiers, this PCB is a part-for-part recreation on modern PCB stock of the circuits from the hand-wired UK Vox UL700 series. These have been compared directly to original UL700 series amplifiers and they produce what is recognizably the tone achieved by UK bands with the original UK Vox amplifiers.  The intent in doing this was to produce a vintage-sounding preamp that could plug into the effects loop of a modern amplifier and give some instant British Invasion tone gratification.